Lifestyle: Luxury African Brands Marianne Fassler And YSWARA Collaborate For Orange Babies

Orange and clove aromatherapy candle for Orange Babies designed by iconic South African fashion designer Marianne Fassler and luxury African brand YSWARA

[Image credit: Marianne Fassler x YSWARA Aromatherapy Candle for Orange babies – via hot919fm.com]

Legendary South African fashion designer Marianne Fassler has teamed up with luxury made in Africa tea and lifestyle brand YSWARA to create a limited-edition scented candle for Orange Babies, a Dutch HIV NGO with a local South African branch that works to reduce mother to child transmission of HIV as well as helping children affected by HIV/AIDS to live a better life.

The Marianne Fassler x YSWARA orange and cloves aromatherapy candles were launched at the Jo’Burg Art Fair in September 2016, and each comes in YSWARA’s distinctive elegant packaging complemented with a leopard print accent. Each package hand-signed and individually numbered by Marianne herself, who is an ambassador of Orange Babies. All proceeds of the candle were donated to Orange Babies.

Marianne Fassler’s collaboration with YSWARA brings together two leading African luxury brands who are defining modern made in Africa luxury. Marianne Fassler is an icon of African fashion with over thirty years in the fashion industry. Her brand Leopard Frock is a recognised game-changer, her inimitable style, and anti-fashion stance always pushing the boundaries between fashion and art resulting in collections that rewrite the rules with their profusion of animal print, colour, patterns, and textures. YSWARA is challenging the perceptions of made in Africa producing ‘precious African teas’, world-class teas, and interior accessories made locally with local resources and being sold around the world by discerning stockists.

Orange Babies has a history of collaborating with the worlds of art, fashion, music, and lifestyle brands to fundraise and bring awareness to the organisation’s mission. The charity was started in 1999 by Baba Sylla, a Senegalese living in the Netherlands who on a visit back to Senegal witnessed the need to do something meaningful for vulnerable members of society afflicted with HIV/AIDS. Having advised family to turn their backs on a sick pregnant woman with AIDS who was seeking help from his father, a respected and well-known member of society, upon Baba’s return to the Netherlands he was stricken with guilt for giving the wrong advice and so set out make amends establishing Orange Babies with John Katternberg and Steff Bakker to raise money to help HIV infected mothers and children in Africa.

Luxury African brands that give back.

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For further information about Marianne Fassler visit: www.leopardfrock.co.za

For further information about YSWARA visit: www.yswara.com

For further information about Orange Babies visit: www.orangebabies.org

[Image credit: Image sourced from hot919fm.com. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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