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The Elaborate Ancient Craftsmanship Of Handmade Batik Textiles

Batik is an ancient textile production technique with roots in Indonesia. In Africa batik has a long history and is still used today to produce local textiles with techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation usually mother to daughter. The Creation of Handmade Batik In Ghana is a fascinating visual essay that takes the viewer through the elaborate process. Part of a Google Arts and Culture feature the story was documented by Rahmée, founder of The Justine Project who travelled to Ghana to the Accra studio of Kwame a local batik artist who took her through the […]

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Lifestyle: Photographer Mario Gerth African Portraits Collection

Mario Gerth – African Portraits [Africa Inspired]      It goes without saying that artists and photographers alike have always been fascinated by the human form, and I often wonder about the nameless faces captured by the camera and displayed for the world to see. I must admit it sometimes unsettles me slightly, wondering do they know they will be on some form of display, their likeness forever preserved in the pages of a book or as a mounted image hung on the wall. My mind is full of questions… who are they, what are their day to day lives […]

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Decor: Bamileke Feather Headdresses

Bamileke Feather Headdresses [Cameroon] [Image credit: Safari Fusion] I love Sunflowers; they’re so big bright and happy and was instantly reminded of them when I saw the strikingly colourful Bamileke Feather Headdress’s currently available at Australian-based store Safari Fusion.  Creating a strong focal point and bringing a burst of colour to virtually any room, these ceremonial headdresses come from Cameroon and are also known as Tyn or Juju hats. Traditionally made from brightly coloured bird feathers and said to symbolise prosperity, the visually stunning headdresses are handmade by the Bamileke Tribe who originate from Cameroon’s West Province. The feathers are usually sewn onto […]

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