Textiles: Ibenstein Weavers a Family Heritage of Weaving in Namibia

Ibenstein Weavers [Namibia]

Ibenstein Weavers - Carpet

[Image credit: Ibenstein Weavers]

With a weaving heritage spanning over 50 years, Ibenstein Weavers is a family-owned business located an hour’s drive from Windhoek, Namibia. Run by Anne Ramdohr, the great-granddaughter of Ibenstein Weaver’s founder Marianne Krafft, high-quality carpets, wall hangings and runners are created using Karakul wool which comes from the Karakul sheep, a species not indigenous to Namibia, but one that was first introduced into the country in 1906 from what is now Uzbekistan. The company also produces fabrics from natural yarns like cotton, bamboo, wild Kalahari Silk and linen.

The first carpets started out using a knotting technique, later switching to weaving a process, which takes less time and uses less wool. In the early days, abstract geometric patterns formed the main designs created using natural colours. A while later Marianne began experimenting with various forms of yarn dyeing, and inspired by their surroundings the weavers started to add animals and other forms of flora and fauna. Described as the ‘heart and soul’ of the business, 17 weavers currently work for Ibenstein Weavers, some of whom have been with the business for several decades, and over the years a community has grown up around the Ibenstein Weavers farm as many of the weavers have settled and raised families in the area. Having all learnt their trade in-house the weavers bring their passion and creativity into the designs they produce; whether weaving intricately detailed carpets or spinning the yarn for the fabrics.

Ibenstein Weavers - Landscape
Ibenstein Weavers

[Image credits: Ibenstein Weavers]

Like finely detailed paintings that use yarn as the medium of choice, elements of Namibia’s landscape and wildlife are beautifully portrayed in rich textures and colours; this is what makes them special.

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For further information about the Ibenstein Weavers and order enquiries visit: www.ibenstein-weavers.com.na

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