Textiles: Age-old Weaving Tradition Meets Innovation

Yéleen Design [Mali]
yeleen Design hand woven textiles


Yeleen Design textiles


[Image credits: Yéleen Design]
Age-old traditional hand weaving techniques unite with innovative materials to produce a beautiful array of interior and exterior textiles courtesy of Yéleen Design. Formed in 2003 and located in Bamako, Mali; Yéleen Design is the creation of respected designer Aida Duplessis.
Aida experiments with weaving organic cotton with natural fibers such as vetiver, flax, hemp; and even seaweed and nettle to produce clean simple lines that add to the aesthetic appeal. Traditional weavers work to reproduce the designs across carpets, cushions, rugs and throws; in a range of sublte and rather soothing colour palettes. A new collection of exterior furnishings sees recycled vinyl woven with cotton, upholding the company’s commitment to enhancing ethical awareness and sustainability.
Yeleen Design cushions


[Image credits: Yéleen Design]
Yéleen Design works to combine tradition and innovation and provide the discerning customer with contemporary home furnishings that are tasteful, creative, original and chic.


[Image credits: Yéleen Design]
Additional Details:
For further information visit: www.yeleen-design.com

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