Art: The Flower Series Mosaics Inspired by Elle Decoration South Africa Cover

Forest Mosaic [Namibia]

Forest Mosaic - Flower Series
Elle Decoration - Spring Issue Cover

[Image sources: top, Forest Mosaic Flower Series
bottom, Spring Issue Cover – Elle Decoration South Africa]

I tend to associate mosaics with water, probably has to do with the fact that I have mostly seen them in bathrooms, kitchens, fountains and adorning the sides of swimming pools; but from a visual point of view, the patterns and colours seem to have a distinctive flow to them when forming whatever subject matter is being portrayed. Courtesy of SafariFusion’s blog, I came across some beautifully detailed mosaics by a Namibian company, Forest Mosaic. The finely crafted mosaics are the work of Chiharu Rosenberg, a Japanese mosaic artist who relocated to Omaruru, Namibia where she now has her studio.

Influenced by the essence of Japanese art; the simplicity, skill, space and balance; coupled with the subject matter drawn from her surroundings Chiharu handcrafts her mosaics for residential, public and commercial spaces.  A selection of designs are available to order or contact Chiharu directly for a custom design. Chiharu works with ordinary household tiles, recycling old ones in addition to using other types of materials; all of which are hand-cut without the aid of power tools and meticulously applied to delicate shapes like flower petals and fern leaves; her work portrays an abundance of richly hued and textured flora and fauna. 

Forest Mosaic - The Night Garden Mirror

[Image credit: The Night Garden Mirror – Forest Mosaic]

The ‘Flower Series’ was inspired by an Elle Decoration South Africa, Spring Issue magazine cover, which Chiharu was so taken with she sought to reproduce it, sending the resulting artwork to the magazine.

…mosaics alive with colour and detail

Additional details:
For further information about Forest Mosaic and to order visit: www.forestmosaic.com

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