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Architecture: Hilton Windhoek Hotel World Architecture News Hotel of the Year Shortlist 2012 

Hilton Windhoek Hotel [Namibia]

Hilton Windhoek Hotel

[Image credit: Hilton Windhoek Hotel – Wasserfall Munting Architects
via World Architecture News]

One of the main features on MSN UK this morning, was the World Architecture News Hotel of the Year Shortlist, and amongst the chosen was the ultra-modern, and quite industrialised looking, Hilton Windhoek Hotel. Situated in the centre of the Namibian city, Windhoek, the Hilton Windhoek Hotel was designed by Wasserfall Munting Architects; a local architectural practice that was founded in 2004 by Jaco Wasserfall and Paul Munting. Heralded as ‘a distinctive local landmark’, the Hotel features a tall cylindrical glass and steel entrance poised like a beacon to welcome approaching guests, and upon entering leads to an airy atrium of which public spaces branch off, flowing into garden terraces that in-turn allow natural light to flow back into the centre spaces of the building. Designed to embrace the digital age and local culture the Hotel, other defining characteristics of the hotel include lots of glass to maximise the opportunities for natural light to enter; and a specific focus on sustainability and climate responsiveness was employed throughout the building seen through the incorporation of thermal glass, intelligent lighting, passive solar control, and ventilated walls. The Hotel’s interior carries the theme of water, achieved through the use of illuminated glass boxes that have varying degrees of transparency to allow for different levels of privacy depending on where you are.


  [Image credits: Hilton Windhoek Hotel top, Lobby – Hilton
bottom group, Interior and Exterior – Wasserfall Munting Architects]

In a co-ordinated balance of nature and technology, the palette of the exterior walls is neutral allowing for the building to reflect the shades of the local landscape when viewed during the day; at night, however, technology takes over as strategically placed LED lighting adds a touch of modern-day drama transforming the building. Comprised of 150 rooms and suites, the decor throughout the Hilton Windhoek Hotel is quite neutral in a contemporary African style, highlights of which include the Raindrop chandelier, a spectacular feature of the reception area, whilst the Ekipa Restaurant, specialising in Namibian cuisine, features a show kitchen where guests can watch the preparation. Spectacular views of the city and surrounding mountains are provided courtesy of the Skybar located around an 18m lap pool, the Kalabar, Centrum Restaurant and D’vine, a glass wine cellar. The property also includes a luxury spa, and fitness centre. The Hilton Windhoek Hotel is situated close to the Nampower Convention Centre making it ideal for the business traveller.


[Image credit: Skybar, Hilton Windhoek Hotel – Wasserfall Munting Architects]

…a touch of contemporary urban style to Windhoek’s skyline

Additional details:
For further information about Wasserfall Munting visit: www.wasserfallmunting.com
For further information about Hilton Windhoek Hotel visit: www3.hilton.com
For further information about World Architecture News visit: www.worldarchitecturenews.com

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