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Kova’s Timeless Stylish Leather Accessories Made in Namibia

Taking its name from the Oshiwambo word ‘onkova’ meaning leather Kova is a premium brand of classically, stylish leather bags and accessories designed and made in Namibia. The business was founded in 2017 by Petrina Auino-Mwandingi, a Naturopathic doctor. Her interest in natural medicine led her toward embracing a holistic approach to healthcare. She runs her own health and wellness practice helping her clients to live as healthy as they can naturally. She started Kova as a way of tapping into her creative side and to show that affordable well-made products can be made locally without having to always look abroad. […]

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Architecture: Hilton Windhoek Hotel World Architecture News Hotel of the Year Shortlist 2012 

Hilton Windhoek Hotel [Namibia] [Image credit: Hilton Windhoek Hotel – Wasserfall Munting Architects via World Architecture News] One of the main features on MSN UK this morning, was the World Architecture News Hotel of the Year Shortlist, and amongst the chosen was the ultra-modern, and quite industrialised looking, Hilton Windhoek Hotel. Situated in the centre of the Namibian city, Windhoek, the Hilton Windhoek Hotel was designed by Wasserfall Munting Architects; a local architectural practice that was founded in 2004 by Jaco Wasserfall and Paul Munting. Heralded as ‘a distinctive local landmark’, the Hotel features a tall cylindrical glass and steel entrance poised like a beacon to welcome approaching guests, […]

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Accessories: Schier Shoes Herero Advertising Campaign

Schier Shoes [Namibia]   Lately, the unique style of Namibia’s Herero Women has been the inspiration for several fashion collections, and a recent advertising campaign by Namibian footwear maker, Schier Shoes brought a smile to my face, its embracement of this spirit of individuality and enjoyment of life whatever your age and wherever you are. Based in Swakopmund, Namibia, the company Herbert Schier has been manufacturing Veldskoen shoes since 1938. Although more mainly associated with Namibia and South Africa, those from the Southern African region will be familiar with Veldskoen’s or ‘Vellies’ as they are more commonly known, a type of rugged […]

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Textiles: Oshiwa Textile Stamping Blocks 

Oshiwa [Namibia] [Image credit: Carved Textile Stamp – Oshiwa] Creating textile-stamping blocks for use on fabrics as well as paper, Oshiwa is a carving workshop based in Namibia. Established in 1994 by Anita Brandt, the stamps are the creations of Kavango woodcarvers; Paulus Mutunda, Dhumba Joseph, and Joseph Kanwa who originally started out by producing hand-carved photo frames before turning to the textile printing blocks. Meticulously hand-carved the designs are based on whatever the artist feels compelled to carve at that moment, and each stamp bears the name of the carver written in pencil along the side or on the back. The […]

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Art: The Flower Series Mosaics Inspired by Elle Decoration South Africa Cover

Forest Mosaic [Namibia] [Image sources: top, Forest Mosaic Flower Series; bottom, Spring Issue Cover – Elle Decoration South Africa] I tend to associate mosaics with water, probably has to do with the fact that I have mostly seen them in bathrooms, kitchens, fountains and adorning the sides of swimming pools; but from a visual point of view, the patterns and colours seem to have a distinctive flow to them when forming whatever subject matter is being portrayed. Courtesy of SafariFusion’s blog, I came across some beautifully detailed mosaics by a Namibian company, Forest Mosaic. The finely crafted mosaics are the work of Chiharu Rosenberg, a Japanese mosaic artist […]

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Textiles: Ibenstein Weavers a Family Heritage of Weaving in Namibia

Ibenstein Weavers [Namibia] [Image credit: Ibenstein Weavers] With a weaving heritage spanning over 50 years, Ibenstein Weavers is a family-owned business located an hour’s drive from Windhoek, Namibia. Run by Anne Ramdohr, the great-granddaughter of Ibenstein Weaver’s founder Marianne Krafft, high-quality carpets, wall hangings and runners are created using Karakul wool which comes from the Karakul sheep, a species not indigenous to Namibia, but one that was first introduced into the country in 1906 from what is now Uzbekistan. The company also produces fabrics from natural yarns like cotton, bamboo, wild Kalahari Silk and linen.

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Jewellery: The Shining Light Awards Collection of Diamond Creations

The Shining Light Awards collection [South Africa]: Overall winner – David Atho Moatisi    It is a sad fact that a large part of Africa’s mineral wealth gets mined using local labour and is then usually shipped out to the benefit of a company that is often internationally based. Diamonds coveted all over the world for their brilliance and perceived value are one such mineral, part of an industry that has been tainted by oppression, violence and corruption, serious issues often overshadowing the achievements being made in nurturing local talent. First launched in 1996 by the Diamond Trading Company – part of […]

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