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Textiles: Le Ndomo Natural Handwoven and Dyed Textiles

Le Ndomo [Mali]


Creating beautiful richly patterned fabrics using natural dyes, Le Ndomo is a social enterprise that was set up with the aim of addressing the issues relating to youth unemployment in Mali.


[Image sources: Le Ndomo – Design Africa]

Le Ndomo embodies the philosophy of teaching the young people a technical skill, training those taking part in the programme with the local knowledge of fabric creation, skills that go into creating the fabric ranges Le Ndomo produces. Le Ndomo endeavours to instill the values of traditional African society within the young people they work with and encourages participants to strive for personal development through the enhancement of personal values like responsibility, personal commitment and teamwork in achieving desired goals.


[Image credits: Fabric Swatches – Le Ndomo]

Using 100% organic cotton, fabric is woven in the traditional style as well as also employing contemporary looms for wider fabric. Le Ndomo has conducted extensive research into the use of vegetable dyes and the designs produced, including some stunning geometric ones, use natural dyes mixed through different techniques such as Basilan which gives yellow ocher and brown; Bogolan which gives black, brown and yellow ochre; Gala which gives different shades of blue from natural indigo and Green which is obtained by adding Basilan yellow ocher to Gala Indigo blue. The printed fabrics are then used to produce fashion accessories such as scarves and home furnishings like cushions, throws and runners. Le Ndomo also offers workshops and lecturers upon request for those wanting to learn and find out more about natural dyeing.

…naturally beautiful fabrics

Additional details:
For further information about Le Ndomo visit: www.ndomo.net    

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