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Jewellery: Corinne Hamak’s ‘Africa’ Collection

Corinne Hamak [Africa Inspired]

Corinne Hamak - Africa collection red earrings

Beautifully bright and stylishly simple I love the organic forms in London-based jewellery designer Corinne Hamak’s ‘Africa’ collection. Reminding me of the intensity of African sunsets, vibrant red and yellow hues mixed with silver and gold metals make for complementary pretty, chic pieces. The Africa collection was inspired by the Ghanaian artform of creating beads using glass that has been ground up. 

Corinne Hamak - Yellow Bangle and Ring

[Image credits: Africa collection; red earrings, yellow bead bangle and yellow ring – Corinne Hamak]

Born in France to an Argentinian father and French mother, and raised in Israel on a kibbutz, Corinne’s cosmopolitan upbringing and subsequent passion for travel have had a big influence on her contemporary precious metal jewellery creations. Drawn to colour Corinne’s inspirational influences also include nature and the beauty within African landscapes. Fascinated with the healing properties within stones, Corinne works with various precious and semi-precious gems.

…cute, colourful accessories that bring a little sunshine into the darkening days of autumn

Additional details:
Africa collection priced at: £105-£480
For further information about Corinne Hamak visit: www.corinnehamak.com   

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