Johanna Bramble Handwoven Interior Textiles Balancing Tradition and Modernity

Johanna Bramble is a textile designer who creates luxurious handwoven textiles based on Senegal’s ancestral weaving traditions. Drawn to the techniques used and distinctive patterns created Johanna left behind a career in haute couture in Paris and moved to Dakar where she established her eponymous studio. 

Handweaving is a language on its own, especially when it combines aesthetic, modernity and ancestral technique. Weaving is the extension of the soul of the weaver. – Johanna Bramble

Johanna inherited her interest in weaving from her mother, a woman whose love of global textiles is inspired by the stories they tell. Revering the skill and mastery of hand weaving Johanna works with Manjak weavers, a group of master weavers from the Casamance region of southern Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. The Manjak are renowned for weaving skills that are traditionally passed down from father to son.

Creativity is amazing in Senegal and West Africa, and its true value really deserves to shine. – Johanna Bramble

Johanna’s designs are woven using locally sourced cotton. She also likes to experiment with different textures and has used other materials and fibres such as silk, paper, viscose, and copper to achieve interesting effects and bring the element of modernity to the traditional techniques and patterns.

The Johanna Bramble Studio mainly produces interior textiles for private clients and individual consumers. She has also collaborated with fashion designers to create textiles for their collections.

– Tapiwa

Quotes sourced from: TFG Club

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For further information about Johanna Bramble visit: www.facebook.com/johannabramblecreations

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