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Rose & Fitzgerald Beautiful Accessories Mixing Traditional Craft With A Modern Style Sensibility

Rose and Fitzgerald Ankole Horn Pierced Hurricane Light Atelier Fifty Five Feature

Rose & Fitzgerald is a Ugandan design and craft studio that was born from of an American couple’s move to Kampala and their desire to share the craft and creativity of their adopted home with design lovers around the world, shining a spotlight on the skills and talent that is often over-looked in the global design industry.

Working from their design studio and the various workshops in Kampala, the Rose & Fitzgerald collections of home goods and fashion accessories are produced using local raw materials such as palm leaf, Ankole horn, wood, cotton and brass that in the hands of skilled artisans working with age-old traditions ranging from carpentry, hand-spinning to metal casting are turned into stylish covetable interior accessories collections. More than just a product, each creation honours the tradition of making and is infused with the heart and soul of those involved, telling their stories.

Rose and Fitzgerald Stacked Cow HornEdison Lamp Design Made In Uganda
Rose and Fitzgerald Brass and Dark Cow Horn Coaster Set, Atelier Fifty Five Feature, Design made in Uganda
Rose and Fitzgerald Cow Horn Serving Spoon Set Design Made In Uganda Atelier Fifty Five

Each product we design is handmade from start to finish in a workshop in Uganda—giving the pieces a heart, soul, and story. After all, a home should be found, not fabricated.

– Courtney Rose and Laren Fitzgerald, founders Rose & Fitzgerald

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For further information about Rose & Fitzgerald visit: www.roseandfitzgerald.com

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Rose & Fitzgerald. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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