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AphroChic - The Beat

There are some truly amazing and inspiring blogs out there and not enough time to get through them all on a regular basis. Before I started my blog I was constantly amazed at the power of blogs in allowing people to deliver their own personal take on creativity and diversity with relative ease, regularly logging onto a handful of favourites to get my daily fix of style, colour, and inspiration. One of the blogs I came across and am still constantly inspired by is the Philadelphia-based AphroChic, in fact, it was the imagery from the online shop that caught my eye first…there was something so deliciously laidback about the styling, coupled with a soulful retro vibe that completely appealed to my style sense and I was hooked. 

AphroChic - The Beat Pillows

[Image credits: The Beat Pillows – AphroChic]

There are some gorgeous new collections in the online shop amongst which I spotted some African inspired pillows. Taking inspiration from the Kuba cloth and giving the well-known pattern a truly modern makeover, is a collection entitled ‘The Beat’, one that is just as the name suggests; visually strong and pulsating with solid colours that will make a statement wherever placed in the home. Pillows, placemats, shower curtains, and bold wallpaper are available in cerulean, red, and gray. The rectangular-shaped pillows are made from 100% Belgian linen and finished with a complementary piped seam, and I can just picture loads scattered across a bed or filling out my favourite chaise. Based in Philadelphia, USA, Jeanine Hays, a policy attorney by profession started AphroChic as a means of escape from the stresses of corporate life. Indulging her passion for design, AphroChic started off exploring interior design with the aim of looking at design from a new perspective. Showcasing designers and artists from across the globe Jeanine has a particular interest in the ways ethnic heritage and culture can be luxurious and modern, using the mix of traditional and contemporary to make something new.

After a year of blogging Jeanine took the step to go beyond writing about design and in 2009, along with her husband Bryan Mason, designed and launched a small yet beautifully formed collection of high-end interior furnishings and accessories that include some strikingly colourful graphic print pillows featuring inspiration from Ikat patterns found across parts North Africa and Asia and the chevron a permanent basic pattern that unites many cultures. As a testament to their love of interior design Jeanine and Bryan are currently writing their first book, ‘AphroChic: Modern.Soulful.Style’ due out in Autumn 2013 and Jeanine has started a blog documenting the process; and if you feel your home embodies Modern.Soulful.Style then you can submit it for consideration.

…funky and fresh, AphroChic is championing Modern, Soulful, Style for the home 

Additional details:
Current ranges priced at: USD$25-USD$225
To find out more about AphroChic visit: http://aphrochic.com
To purchase products visit: www.aphrochicshop.com

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