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Textiles: Clinton Friedman’s Photographic Prints on Textiles

Clinton Friedman [South Africa] 

Clinton Friedman Subtraction Collection

[Image credit: Subtraction Collection – Clinton Friedman]

Finally… the time has come to shed bulky coats and heavy cardi’s, as the onset of spring ushers in the warmer weather. Taking the lead from the flowers now starting to peek out of the thawing ground, why not celebrate the start of spring by injecting some floral inspiration throughout your living space. I’m inspired to bring the outside in with these gorgeous scatter cushions by Durban-based photographer, Clinton Friedman, who has taken to reproducing his stunning graphic imagery onto fabric. I was drawn to these cushions, as not only do they liven up the interior, they also remind me of the Southern African savannah and would provide a token of ‘home’ in my living space. Nature in all its intensity features heavily in Clinton Friedman’s work, with inspiration drawn from the delicateness and complexity that occurs in nature’s designs and is a theme that translates beautifully across the cushions. 

Clinton Friedman Scatter Cushions

[Image credit: Clinton Friedman]

The way Friedman captures his imagery reminds me of the delicateness found in watercolour paintings which is then contrasted sharply with bold striking silhouettes in the style of cut outs. Through his work Clinton Friedman aspires to encourage a greater awareness of the natural beauty that not only surrounds us, but that which is found within ourselves. In addition to cushions you will also find Clinton Friedman’s prints reproduced on notebooks and greeting cards.

Grafik Collection Clinton Friedman

[Image credits: Clinton Friedman]

Beautifully tranquil!

Additional details:
Cushions cost: £59 from UK retailer Purely African
For further information on Clinton Friedman visit: www.clintonfriedman.com
For a list of local and international stockists click here 
In the UK to purchase cushions visit: www.purelyafrican.co.uk

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