Refixit Crafting Natural Eco-Friendly Sisal Fibre Art Decor

Passing the rich creative knowledge from one generation to another is the mission behind Refixit, a social enterprise crafting natural eco-friendly sisal fibre art decor products. Based in Tanzania Refixit was founded by Leandra Lyimo who pivoted from a career in architecture to focus on her love of design and help provide youth skills development, training, and employment.

From the Refixit workshop in Masaki, Dar es Salaam artisans blend traditional know-how with modern design to create eye-catching product collections. Macrame is one of the main skills used, weaving the sisal fibres into intricate patterns that become wall-hangings, mirror frames, furniture upholstery and light pendants.

Sustainable design and showing what can be done with local natural resources is an important part of the Refixt ethos. The company upcycles materials and also works with other natural materials such as wood for furniture and metal for lighting stands. Locally crafted wooden beads are incorporated into the macrame designs to add pops of colour. 

Leandra has built a diverse team of knowledgeable members who pass on their different skill sets to the younger members and in doing so contribute to continuing a legacy of generational creativity.

For further information about Refixit visit: www.refixit.co.tz

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Refixit. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.

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