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Spreading the Word About Africa’s Architectural Wealth

Sub-Saharan Africa Architectural Guide is a 7-volume box set that takes readers on a visual journey through Africa’s built environment. Edited by Philipp Meuser and Adil Dalbai Sub-Saharan Africa Architectural Guide brings together over 350 authors from Africa and the world who share the building culture of their countries. The series aims to spread the word about Africa’s architectural wealth to the wider world.

Sub-Saharan Africa Architecture Guide features 850 diverse buildings ranging from traditional vernacular, colonial and modern that have shaped Africa’s architectural landscape. The volumes comprise:

Vol. 1: Introduction to the History and Theory of Sub-Saharan African Architecture

Vol. 2: Western Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Sahel

Vol. 3: Western Africa along the Atlantic Ocean Coast

Vol. 4: Eastern Africa from the Sahel to the Horn of Africa

Vol. 5: Eastern Africa from the Great Lakes to the Indian Ocean 

Vol. 6: Central Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes

Vol. 7: Southern Africa between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans

Sub-Saharan Africa Architectural Guide is a valuable insight into Africa’s building heritage

– Tapiwa

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