Ceramic Artist Duma Mtimkulu Using Dinner Plates and Clay as his Canvas

Duma Mtimkulu is a South African ceramicist blending art and ceramics with each piece he makes. Referring to himself as an ‘Earth Bender’ Duma is drawn to clay for the freedom it gives him to create and the opportunity the medium offers for manipulation. 

As a child Duma loved drawing and went on to discover ceramics while studying Fine Art at Tshwane University of Technology. Duma’s style is to blend fine art and ceramics, using the clay as a canvas on which to express his thoughts and inspirations.

Duma embraces the challenge of working with clay, immersing himself in the process and discovering new techniques along the way. He uses different types of clay depending on the project. 

Creating collectable artworks and homeware collections Duma’s designs range from organic formed vases and pots with surfaces inspired by nature, landscapes and clothing, to ordinary dinner plates on which he hand paints colourful illustrations, many depicting a social message.

Duma sees his art as a vehicle to speak on social issues within society. He addresses topics such as highlighting the roles women play in society, through to bringing art and community together for the benefit of all involved. A future goal of his is to teach the art of ceramics to children in the townships helping them to gain valuable skills.

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For further information about Duma Mtimkulu visit: @duma.mtkl

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Duma Mtimkulu. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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