Food & Drink: Ambessa Teas by Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Ambessa Teas [Ethiopia]

Marcus Samuelsson - Ambessa Tea

[Image credit: Ambessa Teas – Marcus Samuelsson]

Amharic for Lion, Ambessa is a new range of specialty teas created by top chef Marcus Samuelsson. Marcus embarked on creating the tea blends whilst writing his recently published memoirs; Yes, Chef. For the people of Ethiopia Ambessa represents pride, strength, and independence; and for Marcus’ Ambessa also represents his travels, experiences, and the everyday journeys that are a part of life.

Paying homage to the diverse cultures of the world, the Ambessa range traces and connects Marcus’ Ethiopian heritage, Swedish upbringing, home and career in America, and global travels. Refreshing Green Tea and Nordic Lingonberry combine Japanese and Scandinavian traditions; whilst the rich aroma of a robust Safari Breakfast embodies the tradition of African black teas, and the spices and vibrancy found across the continent. Featuring hints of dark chocolate, peanuts, and caramel Choco Nut is a nod to the origins of Marcus’ ‘culinary awakening’ in Switzerland; and not least of all is the Earl of Harlem, in which a traditional Earl Grey gets a boost with citrus layers, bergamot, and floral aromas. The teas come beautifully packaged in colourful, patterned retro-styled tin boxes; that will have a multitude of uses once you’ve made your way through the teas.

Additional details: 
Ambessa Teas currently available on Harney & Sons priced at: USD$9
For further information about Ambessa Teas and find a stockist visit: www.marcussamuelsson.com
To purchase from Harney & Sons visit: www.harney.com 

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