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Seven Inspiring Modern African Design Collaborations

Collaboration is a powerful thing, the meeting of ideas to create new ones and at times offering up unexpected viewpoints. Collaboration offers those involved a chance to learn, pick up new skills and show off each other’s skills at their best. And in this spirit I have rounded up seven inspiring modern African design collaborations that have come together over the years:

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Ifeanyi Oganwu Furniture Design For Toghal African Inspired Textiles

  Dotted around the lounge at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair was a collection of colourful, contemporary seating by product designer Ifeanyi Oganwu, African inspired textiles design brand Toghal and jewellery designer Artist Phoebe Boswell. Ifeanyi was approached by Dayo Forster, Toghal’s founder to create a seating structure on which to present their cylindrical bolster cushions.  

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Travel: Mandina Lodges

Mandina Lodges [The Gambia]     [Image credit: The Gambia Experience] Emerging from a hideous week of snow and the ensuing chaos, the appeal of getting away from it all has sent me into sunshine daydream overdrive, and I know I’m not alone if various conversations I have had are anything to go by, so cue some internet globe-trotting. If you fancy a variation to the run-of-the-mill holiday by the beach, then situated on a mangrove tributary flowing of the River Gambia you will find the Mandina Lodges at Makasuru Forest. The Gambia is on my ‘must visit places’ list and given […]

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