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Mutapo Ceramics Inspired by Zimbabwe’s Basket Weaving Traditions

Mutapo Ceramics Marjorie Wallace Afrika Handmade

Tucked away in Harare’s Miombo Woodland you will find Mutapo, a ceramic studio producing one-of-a-kind collectable crockery. Owned by Zimbabwean ceramicist, Marjorie Wallace, Mutapo has gained international recognition for its intricately decorated porcelain ceramics often coloured with the studio’s signature blue and white glaze. The patterns adorning each product are inspired by the patterns found in Africa’s basket weaving traditions. Marjorie’s love for baskets stems from childhood and her memories of being surrounded by baskets.

“I have loved baskets since I was quite young. I have memories of the people who made them: how they sat, where they collected the grass and what they were looking for when they collected it. We had baskets hanging on the walls in our house, and we used them.” – Majorie Wallace

Mutapo Ceramics Marjorie Wallace Blue Platter

Every piece created in the studio is expertly hand moulded, glazed and decorated by Marjorie and her team comprising Jairos Zangira, an expert clay-thrower who has been working alongside her for over twenty years, and his son Basil who mixes the porcelain. The porcelain used is mixed in studio made from local and regionally sourced clays, as are the glazes.

Mutapo’s work is a blend of craft, design and art resulting in striking pieces that are both functional and decorative depending on your preference. The atelier | 55 Shop stocks a limited range of Mutapo’s sophisticated designs.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about Mutapo visit: www.mutapo.com

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