A Look Inside Fashion Designer, Marianne Fassler’s Eclectic Art-Filled Home

marianne fassler- art collection

Marianne Fassler is a doyenne of the South African fashion industry. Her brand Leopard Frock is a recognised game-changer, her inimitable style and anti-fashion stance always pushing the boundaries between fashion and art resulting in collections that rewrite the rules with their profusion of animal print, colour, patterns and textures. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that her home reflects all that inspires her. 

Situated in a leafy Johannesburg suburb where Marianne has lived for over 40 years from the time she first moved in, her home over the years has evolved to become not only a space for living but also for working. Marianne’s home has doubled as the studio for her brand Leopard Frock. And much like the aesthetic that defines Leopard Frock’s collections Marianne’s home is akin to a living moodboard, an ever-evolving source of inspiration filled with an eclectic assortment of finds. And reflects the nature of a collector. A collector who appreciates and treasures every piece she collects. Pieces that reflect her journey, adding another layer to her story. And each piece that is added to her collection serves as inspiration for her fashion collections.

“People will bring things that they see as interesting,’ she adds. ‘There are lots of things that remind people of me. I like that they want me to have them.” – Marianne Fassler

Overflowing with paintings, sculpture, books, photographs, and roadside crafts Marianne embraces the old and the new. Art Deco pieces co-exist alongside traditional beadwork and artwork by renowned art studios such as Ardmore.

As a collector and supporter of local art and artists Marianne’s home is also a showcase of cutting-edge contemporary South African art. The daughter of prolific South African artist, Hannatjie van der Wat Marianne’s passion for art stems from a childhood growing up surrounded by art. And this encouraged her to start collecting from a young age. Amongst her collection you will find pieces by Claudette Schreuders, Zimbabwean artist and activist, Kudzanai Chiurai, furniture by David Krynauw, mosaics by Simon Stone

– Tapiwa

Additional details:
For further information about Marianne Fassler visit: https://leopardfrock.co.za

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