Decor: Ostrich Egg Bowls

The Ostrich Company [South Africa]

The Ostrich Company, Golden Ostrich Snack Bowl

[Image credits: Golden Snack Bowl – The Ostrich Egg Company]

Ostrich shells have been used in Africa for thousands of years, the fragments shaped into beads, and the large hollow shell used as bowls, cups, and containers. Thick, yet fragile the shells have featured painted scenes, and have been decorated with intricate carved or punctured patterns. These beautifully sculpted bowls from The Ostrich Company see the natural, rough texture of the shell contrasted with the smooth shiny finish of the interior, giving them a modern update. The insertion of bases and metal feet for added functionality and the deep rich hues used further enhance their contemporary appeal.

The Ostrich Company - Silver Ostrich Snack Bowl
The Ostrich Company - Rectangle Copper Spice Bowl

[Image credits: Silver Ostrich Snack Bowl, and
Rectangle Copper Spice Bowl – The Ostrich Egg Company]

The Ostrich Company is a small family run business based in South Africa, who design and manufacture all their products from a farm, along the eastern coastline, overlooking the bays of Vleeisbaai and Canon. The Ostrich Company produces a range of products including bowls, lighting, and decorative objects.

The Ostrich Company - Oval Gold Bowl

[Image credits: Oval Gold Bowl – The Ostrich Egg Company]

With the party season just around the corner, just the thing for stylish entertaining.

[Image credits: The images shown belong to: The Ostrich Company. If downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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