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Khiry Afrofuturistic Luxe Jewellery Inspired by the African Diaspora

Khiry is a US-based line of luxury jewellery inspired by the African diaspora. The brand was created in 2016 by Jameel Mohammed. A college student studying political science at the time Jameel started the company after being told that a true luxury brand could only come from Milan or Paris. So Jameel set out to prove this statement wrong. Having dabbled in accessory design and stints interning at fashion houses including Nicole Miller whilst in high school Jameel used these experiences to launch his label. Using Africa’s rich creative and cultural heritage as his starting point Jameel has translated stories and motifs into a modern sculptural jewellery collection to rival any traditional luxury brand.

Khiry’s first piece called Khartoum was a bangle inspired by a tapered horn from cattle herded by the Dinka people of Sudan. The bangle’s striking silhouette has become Khiry’s icon, central to the brand’s identity. The shape also forms the basis of Khiry’s first full collection called Visions of an Afro Future is inspired in part by the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, exploring how the musician used Afro beat to present a different revolutionary perspective of Africa to world. In much the same way Khiry is using jewellery to present its vision of a progressive modern Africa to the world. Visions of an Afro Future sees sleek polished jewellery pieces made using gold vermeil and sterling silver, accentuated with semi-precious stones.

Not just about jewellery Khiry is about identity, reclaiming a proud majestic heritage and demanding acceptance in a world that relegates Africa and its peoples to irrelevance in the global creative dialogue. And in the process re-defining luxury.

Jewellery is just the start for the Khiry journey. Jameel plans to expand the brand into a complete luxury house. That communicate the legacy of Africa past and present.

– Tapiwa Matsinde

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For further information about Khiry visit: www.khiry.com

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Khiry. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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