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Food & Drink: Chocolates for a Cause

Compartes Chocolatier [Africa Inspired]
Compartes Chocolatier - Chocolates for a Cause

[Image credit: Compartes Chocolatier]
Benefiting Relief International’s efforts in Darfur, celebrated Los Angeles-based chocolatier, Compartes has created a special collection of chocolates called ‘Chocolates for a Cause’.
With over 60 years producing handcrafted artisan gourmet chocolates, Compartes takes pride in using only the best and freshest ingredients for their confectionary, searching the world for inspiration and ingredients. The Chocolates for a Cause range are made with fruits and spices sourced from North and West Africa, with flavours including cardamom, coconut, coffee, grains of paradise and caramelised plantain. The gift sets come with a Relief Beads bracelet, and each chocolate square displays a colourful image of the African continent. Proceeds from the chocolate sales go directly towards helping feed malnourished children and the funding of a women’s help centre.

Additional Details:

Prices shown on the website range from US$20-US$50
For further information on the range and to purchase visit: 

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