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Jewellery: Uru Diamonds

Uru Diamonds [Tanzania]

Uru Diamonds

[Image credit: Uru Diamonds]

It is no secret the Continent is blessed with diamonds that are coveted the world over, and harnessing this mineral wealth should come with social responsibilities. However, as we all know this is not always the case, especially when it comes to conflict-free diamonds. Uru Diamonds is a Tanzanian company that works with conflict-free diamonds and precious stones, to produce contemporary jewellery collections. The company name ‘Uru’ comes from a very old Swahili term describing a powerful essence; used here to invoke the days of ancient African Kings and Queens where diamonds were cherished.  

Uru Diamonds Knotted Bracelet

[Image credits: Uru Diamonds]

From the company’s workshop in Dar es Salaam, the collections are handcrafted using locally sourced rough-cut diamonds, the increasingly rare precious stone tanzanite, as well as rubies, spinel, and tsavorite, which are set into hand cast precious metals like gold and silver. The rough cut nature of the stones, all sourced from small scale farmers around the country, gives the jewellery its distinctive appearance. Using the stones in their natural form results in unique pieces, given that no two jewellery pieces would ever be the same. The company’s first bracelet created in 2009 made use of the fishing wire typically used by fisherman sailing their dhows along the East African coast.

Uru Diamonds Knotted Bracelets Stack

[Image credit: Uru Diamonds]

Reminding me of sophisticated friendship bracelets, the Uru Diamonds bracelet collection sees straps made from jewel-bright knotted threads or natural leathers providing an endless array of colours to collect, and mix and match as desired. The Uru Diamonds collections encompass necklaces and pendants, bracelets, cufflinks and rings, and masterpieces. Giving back to the communities the company works with Uru Diamonds supports education for children in the rural areas working in partnership with the SOS Children’s Village.

Additional details:
The further information about Uru Diamonds and purchase enquiries visit: www.urudiamonds.com

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