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Fulani [Senegal]  

Fulani - Clutch Bags

My journey on this blog has lead me to some wonderful discoveries of talent and traditions I knew nothing about, so when a stylish range of handbags and clutches called Fulani landed in my inbox I was introduced to an exquisitely woven traditional fabric from Senegal called Rabaal, which provided the inspiration for the collection. Mainly used as a commodity, given to honour some of life’s greatest events such as a wedding or birth of a child, Rabaal is a delicate fabric handwoven by skilled artisans using traditional patterns that have been updated with bright pops of colour for a more modern look. I love the rainbow colours on the on the clutch bag, perfect for taking with you as you celebrating some of your own special life events; and meeting the needs of the modern woman, large shoulder bags contain all your essentials with ample room to double up as stylish overnight bag.

Fulain - Hnadbags

[Image credits: top, Clutches; bottom, Kesso Classic and Kesso Casual Handbags – Fulani]

Adhering to the motto ‘live your live in colour’, Fulani was founded by Florida-based architect Souadou Barry, who hails from Senegal where she grew up, moving first to Europe and then to America to pursue her studies. Fulani draws inspiration from the places Souadou has lived, celebrating her heritage and a desire to create beautiful things that make women feel special. Functionality, structure and quality craftsmanship are the skills Souadou gained as an architect, transferring them to the bags which are constructed in the USA. Soft pebble grain leather serves to frame the vibrant fabrics and high quality hardware provides a luxurious finish.

…blending heritage and style by design

Additional details:
Current collection priced at: USD$50-USD$450
For further information about Fulani and to order visit: www.fulanihandbags.com

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