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FIGS - Ties

Attending an all girl’s school, my senior school uniform was not the most attractive thing, well at least until I entered the sixth form. In the summer terms, it was a short-sleeved belted green and white check affair that was far from figure-flattering, improving in the winter term when it changed to a bottle green tunic and a khaki long-sleeved blouse complete with tie, both styles would be topped off with bottle green cardigans or pullovers. Sixth form brought a much smarter grown-up look in bottle green a-line skirts, khaki short and long-sleeved blouses which we were allowed to wear with stockings and dark brown high-heeled court shoes when representing the school; the perks of finally having reached the top of the school chain. We felt grown and it showed in our attitudes holding ourselves that bit taller wherever we went. Donned with a bottle green blazer these uniforms instilled in us a sense of pride and belonging to the school whether or not we realised it at the time. FIGS is a luxury neckwear label that recognises the role school uniforms have in the educational experience and partners with local weavers and tailors around the world in making school uniforms for the students in their local communities for whom buying a uniform would be difficult but is often a requirement of attending school.

FIGS - Elephant Polo and Yah

[Image credits: top, George Silk Woven Ties
bottom, Silk Elephant Polo and Yacht Ties – FIGS]

FIGS stands for ‘Fashion Inspired Global Sophistication’ and was set up in 2010 by American social entrepreneur, Heather Hasson who was inspired by a love of fashion and her travels from Northern Kenya to Rome. Using high-quality silks, woollens, linens, cashmere, and cotton; Heather developed a stylish collection of tailored ties and bow ties in quirky and classic prints and colour schemes, that are hand-sewn in New York and Los Angeles.

FIGS - Astaire Bowtie

[Image credit: Astaire Velvet Bow Tie – FIGS]

FIGS is a business with a global outlook and brings together a community of artists, entrepreneurs, students and professionals who are looking to make a positive impact. Setting up an initiative called ‘Threads for Threads’ FIGS currently partners with 105 schools in Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal; and with every product sold donates an entire school uniform to a child who needs to go to school. FIGS also has a range of luxuriously soft cashmere scarves made from natural undyed fibres.

…helping you take pride in your appearance no matter where you are or what you do

Additional details:
Prices on the website range from: USD$55-USD$225
For further information about FIGS visit: www.wearfigs.com

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