Interiors: New York Design and African Décor Meet in Italy

New York Design and African Décor Meet in Italy [Africa Inspired]

The New York Times - On Location

While looking around for interior inspiration I came across a feature on The New York Times online showcasing a home where New York meets Africa in Italy. Loredana Tarini, born in Zambia to Italian parents and her husband, New York-born architect Adam Gaon opened their doors to reveal a living space where chic New York style loft living provides a canvas for contemporary African elegance.

The New York Times - On Location

[Image credits:  On Location, New York in Design and African in Décor – The New York Times]

The couple who live in a spilt level 15th century apartment in Florence, Italy sought to create a home that brought their two worlds together; a home that would reflect the different cultural influences that have impacted their lives. Dimly lit when purchased, Adam set about opening up the space to capture the airiness of New York lofts; whilst Loredana was drawn to Africa; the place of her birth, home for eight years and the place she visits often. After several years of hard work the result is a sophisticated redesigned interior where spaces flow into each other. Stark white walls, wooden floors painted black and iconic minimalist furniture reproductions are intended to act as a backdrop giving a gallery feel to the subtle African accents; objects collected on their travels and those inherited from Loredana’s parents. 

The New York Times - On Location

[Image credits:  On Location, New York in Design and African in Décor – The New York Times]

Objects include a carved teakwood table inlaid with snake shapes and wooden antelope carvings from Cameroon, a bronze statue from Benin, sculptures from Mozambique and Madagascar, Kuba cloth panels bought in South Africa, wooden combs from Lusaka, Zambia and decorative bowls made of tree bark bought along the roadside on a visit to Malawi. Perched upon a Kuba cloth runner, the decorative balls on the tray were bought from markets in South Africa and Madagascar, whilst the ball of intertwined vines was picked up on a beach in Malawi; and spotted on the dining room table, a Zimbabwean sadza batik. In a nod to Loredana’s Italian heritage, contemporary Italian fittings and furnishings can be seen throughout the apartment. 


[Image credits: Apartment Interior – Arrigo Coppitz

I think Loredana and Adam have done it well, getting the balance right; you can see the New York in it, you can see the African in it, you can see the Italian in it…

…a highly personalised space of contemporary understated elegance.  

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To read the full article visit: www.nytimes.com

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