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Inside Marrakesh a Window into the City’s Most Stylish Expat Homes

Inside Marrakesh: Enchanting Homes and Gardens is a lavish book that offers a window into some of the city’s most stylish expat homes. Curated by Meryanne Loum-Martin Inside Marrakesh takes you on a journey through the interiors, gardens, and boutique hotels that have put their own unique stamp on Moroccan design.

Meryanne is the proprietor of Jnane Tamsna, a sought after boutique hotel located in Marrakesh’s Palmeraie district. Having lived in Morocco for nearly 3 decades Meryanne is part of a circle of international tastemakers who call the city home, or who have vacation properties there. Meryanne’s insider insights enrich the narrative to create a tome layered with style and inspiration.

Inside Marrakesh features page after page of beautiful photography by award-winning lifestyle and food photographer Jean Cazals, whose style captures the essence and personality of each home. The interiors of some of the homes have never been seen before and offer up a wealth of inspiration for interior designers and design enthusiasts alike.

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For further information about Inside Marrakesh visit: www.rizzoliusa.com

– Tapiwa

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