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Textiles: Anthropologie African Bedding Inspiration

Anthropologie Bedding [Africa Inspired]

African Inspired Bedding - Anthropologie Yoruba quilt

[Image credits: Yoruba Quilt, Anthropologie]

I am a fan of US-based store Anthropologie, loving its quirky bohemian style with a dusting of romance and was thrilled when they finally opened two stores in London, the first one in October 2009 and then the second earlier this year. Browsing their online store I came across a range of African inspired bedding and interior accessories that they state is drawn from Yoruba and Northern Sotho cultures, although I may be wrong in saying, I feel the fabric inspiration relates more to the Dutch Wax cloth popular in West Africa.

African Print Cushions Anthropologie Northern Sotho cushions
anthropologie Northern Sotho cushions

[Image credits: African Print Yoruba pillows top and Northern Sotho cushions Anthropologie]

That aside, However, I really like it and the range brings a splash of colour and texture that is not just restricted to bedroom use but could look equally great draped over the back of a couch… or even better wrapped around you whilst snuggling up with a good book or favourite movie. With African style usually being portrayed in shades of black, ivory and brown it is great to see the rich patterns and bright colours being embraced globally across style and culture. The range comprises quilts, cushions and pillows layering contrasting colours and patterns which reflect the richness and beauty of the cultures that were the source of inspiration. … And of course you could go directly to the source and create your own authentic range using Indigo, Mud Cloth, Wax Cloth or traditional handwoven Fabrics to name a few.

Additional Details:
Prices currently shown on the website range from £58-£128
For more information for UK and Europe visit: www.anthropologie.eu
For the US, Canada and International destinations visit: www.anthropologie.com  

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