Design: Vermont Wood Studios African Sofa Table

Vermont Wood Studios [Africa Inspired]

Vermont Wood Studios - African Sofa Table

[Image credit: African Sofa Table – Vermont Wood Studios]

Hand-carved from Mahogany, this elegant sofa table was inspired by East African wood carving traditions and features intricate detailing based on floral and geometric designs from the region. The attention to detail and finish gives it the look of a precious antique. Each table is custom built-in Vermont, USA by a highly skilled furniture maker from Vermont Wood Studios; a local company that works with artisans drawn from the small workshops scattered across Vermont, giving them a platform to bring their products to a wider market.

The style of Vermont wood carving is said to be characterised by simple, strong designs that serve to showcase the beauty of the wood used, and Vermont’s long history of wood carving. And furniture making is a heritage Vermont Wood Studios prides itself on upholding, making and retailing furniture that can be passed down through the generations as treasured heirlooms. Vermont Wood Studios began when a group of independent furniture makers came together to share and promote their commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and sustainable forestry. Now an ever-growing community, the company is a showcase of the best in craftsmanship and heritage from the local woodcarvers, and in the process is helping towards supporting the local economy. An environmentally and socially responsible business the furniture products retailed through Vermont Wood Studios are natural and eco-friendly, made with sustainably harvested solid hardwoods such as cherry, maple, oak and walnut. For every piece of furniture made a tree is planted as part of the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees Initiative. Most of the pieces retailed can be customised in size and wood finishes.

Additional details:
Table price starts from: USD$5 900
For further information about Vermont Wood Studios visit: www.vermontwoodsstudios.com

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