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Design: Karim Rashid cutting-edge contemporary design

Karim Rashid [Egypt]

Karim Rashid - Matrix sofa system

[Image credit: Matrix Sofa System, 2009 – Karim Rashid]

With over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards to his name and having worked in over 35 countries, Karim Rashid has been described as one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Half Egyptian and half English, Karim was born in Cairo and raised in England and Canada. In 1993, after studying in Canada and later Italy, Karim opened his design studio in New York City, designing products that span multi-disciplines including: interiors, product, fashion, packaging, identity, art and space. Definitely a man who is futuristic in his outlook, Karim’s work is incredibly tactile, progressive, functional, ultra-modern and fun; playing with texture, form and shape. Through his work Karim seeks to encourage people’s participation in the contemporary world. He looks to a world full of real contemporary inspiring objects, spaces and experiences; and believes that design is about the aesthetic, emotional, sensorial and experiential betterment of our human lives. 

Karim Rashid - Zero Spae Time Lamp, 2011

[Image credit: Zero Space Time Lamp, 2011 – Karim Rashid]

With an international client base comprising some of the world’s leading brands, Karim’s work has included exhibitions for Deutsche Bank and Audi; and has seen design collaborations with SodaStream where he produced a limited edition design in 2010, packaging design for Method, luxury goods for Swarovski, brand identity for Citibank and Hyundai and high tech product design for LaCie and Samsung to name a few. 

Karim Rashid - Menu Themo Cup, 2006
Karim Rashid - Menu Thermo Cup, 2006

[Image credits: Menu Thermo Cup, 2006 – Karim Rashid]

In recognition of his talent and contribution to the world of cutting-edge contemporary design, Karim Rashid’s work is exhibited in art galleries around the world, including designs in 20 permanent collections… and, if you thought all this designing would keep Karim Rashid fairly busy think again… he is also a sought after DJ. 

Karim Rashid - Bitossi Triplex Ceramic Tables

[Image credit: Bitossi Triplex Ceramic Tables, 2010 – Karim Rashid]

With so much work in his online portfolio, I had a hard time choosing which images to display, his website is definitely not one you can go through in one sitting.

Additional details:
To find out more about Karim Rashid visit: www.karimrashid.com
To read an interview with Karim Rashid visit: www.designboom.com

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