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George Pericles [Rwanda]

George Pericles - Furniture collection

[Image credit: George Pericles] 

George Pericles is an innovative creative think tank operating between Paris and Kigali. In 2013 the company developed Kubaba, a contemporary furniture collection inspired by Rwanda that works towards developing a local luxury vocabulary.

George Pericles - Furniture collection table
George Pericles - Furniture collection table detail
George Pericles - Furniture collection lighting

[Image credit:  George Pericles] 

Celebrating Rwandan craftsmanship Kubaka comprises three complementary pieces; a wall-table, a bed-table, and a lamp. The designs are based on scaffolding techniques fused with local woodworking and basket weaving traditions. Made using locally sourced wood and other materials, the designs are crafted in partnership with local carpenters and women-run cooperatives. The Kubaka collection was devised to develop a local answer towards counteracting a preference for importing furniture despite the natural resources available.

George Pericles - Furniture collection

[Image credit:  George Pericles] 

George Pericles was founded in 2011 by Anaïs Legrand and Guillaume Sardin, architects and designers who trained at the Nantes School of Architecture in France. Through George Pericles Anaïs and Guillaume explore the role of design in society and how it has the power to change lives for the better. This has seen the pair and their team of consultants work to devise sophisticated innovative solutions combined with the local knowledge of the clients they work with. George Pericles’ work covers a range of disciplines from furniture, architecture to graphics and branding for clients who have included government institutions, the private sector, and universities.

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For further information about George Pericles visit: www.georgepericles.com

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