Kenyan Design Ingenuity Sees Airplane Parts Transformed into Futuristic Furniture

Sky Decor Gikosh Aviation Art Fiscal Shrike Conference Table, Furniture Design Made in Kenya

One can only wonder why they are so many abandoned planes to be found in Kenya, but whatever the reason local designers and artisan are salvaging parts, and with the creative ingenuity that Africa is famed for are upcycling them into artistic furniture and interior products with a futuristic flair.

One such duo is Khan Key and Samuel Omondi, founder of Sky Decor, whose designs are inspired by the life of the aircraft, the freedom that comes with flight and the possibilities this gives. The idea for transforming discarded airplane parts into furniture and other design objects, came during travels to a remote area of Kenya and noticing an abandoned airplane along the way. They were struck with the beauty of the aircraft, and began envisioning of what they could do with it, eventually settling on creating useful products. Each design is expertly handcrafted combining the salvaged pieces with other materials such as wood.

Sky Decor Gikosh Aviation Art Lilac Roller Cabinet Furniture Design Made in Kenya

Our pieces make a statement that life is more than the mundane. That life is about liberty, self-expression, and independence. It is about flying high and realizing our full potential. -Khan Key and Samuel Omondi

Sky Decor Gikosh Aviation Art Night Owls Floor Lamp Furniture Design Made in Kenya

Sky Decor is giving airplanes a new lease of life as functional art pieces in the homes of those with a spirit of adventure.

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For further information about Sky Decor visit: 

www.sky-decor.com and www.airgikosh.com

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Sky Decor. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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