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Papercake [South Africa]


Afro Baroque- what a gorgeous sounding name for some, equally gorgeous looking mirrors inspired by the rich sights and sounds of Africa; that I came across featured on Cape Town stylist Kim Gray’s blog. Bold, bright and very colourful these mosaic mirrors come from Papercake a company based in Greenside, Johannesburg that specialises in handmade mosaic and ceramic tiles. Papercake’s exclusive ranges bring a touch of stylish character to the living space and the sumptuously decorated Afro baroque mirrors are ideal for creating a focal point in which to build your décor around, taking cues from the colours used.

Afro baroque mirrors Papercake

[Image credits: Afro Baroque Mirrors – Papercake]

For me, mosaics always tend to conjure up the Mediterranean; an area known for its rich tradition in mosaics dating back to ancient times. Mosaics are traditionally made using chips of stone or glass that are then inlaid onto backings such as walls or floors forming designs ranging from lavishly intricate murals to simple patterns and borders often seen in contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. Some of the most striking and memorable mosaics I remember were those of mermaids and fish frolicking at the bottom or edge of sparkling blue pools in the suburbs of Harare.

Afro Baroque Mosaic mirror

[Image credit: Afro Baroque Mirror – Papercake]

Papercake also holds mosaic workshops where enthusiasts can ‘break and make’ to their heart’s content, choosing from a range of projects including mirrors and decorative house numbers or if you have something more specific in mind you can set up a custom project by request. The company also undertakes projects from hotels to private commissions, including pools.

…remember when it comes to mosaics keep it tasteful as the different textures and patterns can start to compete and become overwhelming.

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For further information visit: www.papercake.co.za

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