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Drink: YSWARA Unveils A Tranquil Tearoom To Savour Precious African Teas

Luxury tea brand YSWARA New Tearoom

There is nothing I love more than a good cup of tea, the stronger the better. Anytime is teatime as far as I am concerned, so you can only imagine what I think about those who take their tea as seriously as I do. Like YSWARA for instance, the luxury tea brand championing made in Africa, who are reviving the ceremony of ancient African tea-drinking rituals with its offering of specially blended teas and accompanying accessories. And now you can immerse yourself fully in the YSWARA brand experience with the launch of their flagship tearoom and store in Johannesburg.

Luxury Tea Brand YSWARA Tearoom Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg South Africa
YSWARA Tea Brand South Africa

Located in the Cosmopolitan Building in the regenerated Maboneng Precinct, the YSWARA tearoom is an oasis in the heart of a bustling city, a space that transports you back to the tea-drinking societies of yesteryear, where the time was taken to savour each cup and enjoy the ritual. The YSWARA tearoom is beautifully appointed in the brand’s signature blush pink and rose gold tones, which heighten the sense of calm and provide a backdrop to fittings and finishing’s in natural materials such as stone, wood, marble, and copper.

YSWARA Te Luxury Made In Africa

Adorning the space is a carefully curated selection of decor accessories and cultural artifacts that pay homage to African creativity and the continent’s tea-drinking heritages. The interior design aesthetic channels Afro-Zen that draws on YSWARA’s Pan-African spirit, which takes inspiration from all parts of the continent. Large silver Ethiopian Coptic crosses find a place alongside totem lamps inspired by West and Central Africa, whilst latticed screens and the texture of hammered metal give the space a distinctly North African vibe.

YSWARA Teatime Accessories

Additional details:

For further information about YSWARA and their tearoom visit: www.yswara.com

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