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Decor: Keteme’s Monochrome Interior Inspiration

Keteme [Ethiopia]

Cushions and Textile Collections - Keteme

[Image credit: Cushions and Textile Collections – Keteme]

Keteme is a lifestyle home décor brand that offers an inspirational collection of one-of-a-kind designs handcrafted in Africa, namely Ethiopia. Keteme exudes soothing understated elegance and reveres the exclusivity that comes with handmade luxury. Keteme, meaning ‘urban dweller’ in Amharic, draws inspiration from Africa’s rising cities, exploring the ever-evolving notion of contemporary urban living. The company is a celebration of a continent on the rise and through its thoughtfully sourced and designed collections seeks to take its audience on a journey of transforming their living spaces with beautiful products conceived and made in Africa.

Keteme - Mursi Bowl

[Image credit: Mursi Bowl – Keteme]

  Keteme was created to inspire creativity, capacitate African-based businesses, pique interest in travels to Africa, initiate curiosity of African history, and visually capture Africa’s tremendous growth.

Cushions and Textile Collections - Keteme

[Image credit: Cushions and Textile Collections – Keteme]

Predominately monochrome palettes characterise Keteme’s sophisticated collections, which make use of warm accents such as cream, and natural tan and brown leather to soften the look. Keteme’s collections include handwoven throws and cushion covers, handcrafted bowls; and In addition to this offer a limited edition of prints that capture moments of urban African life.

Additional details:
For further information about Keteme and to purchase visit: http://keteme.com

[Image credits: The images shown belong to: Keteme. If downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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  1. Link is not working. I cannot connect to keteme and also can’t find any other link. are they still in operation? and: is there a shop in Addis Ababa?!