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Decor: Beldi Moroccan Handpainted Ceramics

Beldi [Morocco]   I love pretty ceramics; so ideal for adding quick, interchangeable bursts of pattern and colour throughout the home and whilst browsing the beautifully stylish blog, AphroChic I came across a posting featuring a new online store Beldi, which is introducing customers to the authentic, Moroccan way of living. Visiting the website I spotted these gorgeously patterned plates and bowls, hand-painted and hand-glazed by artisans in Safi, a place renowned for its skillful pottery creations. The spirals on the ‘Spiral Safi bowls’ are based on the ancient Berber symbol for eternity, said to be a common symbol throughout Morocco. The intricate patterns, often […]

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Art: Sculptor Lawson Oyekan at One Canada Square Canary Wharf

Lawson Oyekan [Nigeria] [Image credit: Lawson Oyekan, Manifestation of Dance: 1996 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art] Until Friday 11 November 2001, the lobby of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf London plays host to the ceramic creations of sculptor Lawson Oyekan. Regular visitors to Canary Wharf may already be familiar with Lawson’s work, the artist has had four ceramic sculptures on permanent display as part of Canary Wharf’s permanent art collection for a while now, and this current exhibition sees some of his more recent works going on display alongside them in a showcase of the artist’s talent and […]

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Ceramics: Message Mugs by Love Milo

Love Milo [South Africa] [Image credits: Message Mug – Love Milo] What a cute and novel idea! Your favourite hot drink delivered with a heartwarming message… well at least that’s what I think Love Milo had in mind when they created this wonderfully quirky ceramic message mug. Featuring a notebook design, the smooth surface allows you to write messages directly on to it using the pen provided. Love Milo was created by Nicki Ellis, a South African photographer and film colourist whose original photographs inspired by nature are captured in a distinctive silhouette style and then depicted across a contemporary range of […]

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Design: Stoned Cherrie Ceramics

Stoned Cherrie Ceramics [South Africa] I love a good cup of tea, and for me any time is teatime! So was rather taken with some quirky teapots and teacups courtesy of Stoned Cherrie. The renowned South African brand, whom I featured previously, is branching into the homeware sector, launching a range of hand-painted ceramics that embody the Stoned Cherrie Afro-chic spirit. After a decade of producing some of African fashion’s most iconic collections Stoned Cherrie’s founder, Nkhensani Nkosi is ready to expand the company beyond fashion borders reaching further into the consumer lifestyle sector and having already taken first steps with […]

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Art: Gloria Ssali Pursuing Her Artistic Dream

Gloria Ssali [Uganda] A long-held passion for clay saw Ugandan-born ceramicist, Gloria Ssali give up a career as a pharmacist to pursue her dream fulltime time. Having moved to the UK with her family aged eleven; it was during a class she took during her senior school years that Gloria was first introduced to clay modelling and was instantly drawn into the craft. To achieve her goal of becoming a full-time artist, four years ago Gloria returned to college to train as a ceramicist experimenting with techniques and learning about the different types of clay. Describing her career change as a new […]

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Ceramics: MERBI Ceramics Reflecting Nigerian Culture

MERBI [Nigeria] Pretty little ceramic containers and storage jars that’ll have you looking for things to display in them; are just so endearing and handy to have around the house with a multitude of uses when  conveniently stored in areas like kitchen worktops to dressing tables. Designed by table and giftware designer, Ruth Babajide; MERBI is a collection of slip-cast ceramic storage units inspired by Nigerian culture in the form of the flamboyant styles found in clothing and the customary practice of storing large quantities of dry food.

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Ceramics: Imiso The Dawn of A New Era

Imiso Ceramics [South Africa] [Image credit: Imiso Ceramics] Four dynamic individuals; Andile Dyalvane, Abongile Madabane, Zizipho Poswa and Mlamli Charles Mayosi came together in June 2006 to form Imiso Ceramics, a contemporary range of ceramic products. Today just Andile Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa remain at the helm. ‘Imiso’ means ‘Tomorrow’ in Xhosa and formed the basis of the company’s slogan ‘Dawn of a new era’ and defines the hopes and dreams the owners have for themselves, the future and their flourishing business. Based in Woodstock, Cape Town the four owners are committed to building a uniquely South African brand and have a strong […]

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Decor: Tunisian Ceramics

Tunisian Ceramics [Tunisia]     [Image credit: Greater Good] Having tried my hand at pottery many years ago as part of my fine arts module and being absolutely rubbish at it – they always exploded in the kiln!!! – I have a deep admiration for artisans who can produce the most exquisite and beautifully decorated pieces. Not too long ago I came across these really pretty Tunisian coffee cups on the Greater Good Network, and loved the intricate patterns and vibrant colours. However, if visiting Tunisia yourself you will find similar ceramics in abundance in the markets allowing you to mix […]

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