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Ceramics: Oprah Store Storm in a Teacup Bowls

Storm in a Teacup [South Africa]  

Storm in a Teacup - Patterned Bowls

You can never have enough bowls, and they can look so good as a design feature displayed on cabinet shelves or along counters. My sister recently showed me a gorgeous image of some stacked brightly coloured, patterned bowls; and whenever I walk into a place like Anthropologie I can’t help but be drawn to the sections with stacks of bowls piled high upon the shelves radiating pattern, colour, and texture. I think small bowls are my latest interiors crush… One of my searches led me to Storm in a Teacup who have such pretty ones; some readers may recognise the bowls from the now-closed Oprah Store. Storm in a Teacup is a ceramic studio located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, which handcrafts a contemporary range of functional ceramic tableware and gifts.

Storm in a Teacup
- Storm in a Teacup Vases

[Image source/credits: top, Storm in a Teacup Small Bowls via 55 Secret Street
centre, Storm in a Teacup Ceramics; bottom, via Luxist]

The company was founded by Sue Weston who was inspired by her childhood growing up on a sheep farm in the Eastern Cape and the landscapes that surrounded her. Working with skilled artisans from the local community, the products produced include a contemporary collection of bowls, vases, teapots, and plates that feature finely, detailed surface patterns inspired by African patterns and textures, which have been carved into leather hard clay using a technique known as Sgraffito. The resulting relief patterns make for beautifully tactile objects rendered in soft colour palettes giving a delicate, feminine look and belies the durability for everyday use. pretty

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