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Decor: Beldi Moroccan Handpainted Ceramics

Beldi [Morocco]  

Traditional Moroccan Ceramic Plate - Beldi

I love pretty ceramics; so ideal for adding quick, interchangeable bursts of pattern and colour throughout the home and whilst browsing the beautifully stylish blog, AphroChic I came across a posting featuring a new online store Beldi, which is introducing customers to the authentic, Moroccan way of living. Visiting the website I spotted these gorgeously patterned plates and bowls, hand-painted and hand-glazed by artisans in Safi, a place renowned for its skillful pottery creations. The spirals on the ‘Spiral Safi bowls’ are based on the ancient Berber symbol for eternity, said to be a common symbol throughout Morocco. The intricate patterns, often portraying various local traditional motifs, are brought to life with vivid colour palettes.

Spiral Safi Bowl - Beldi

  [Image credits: top, Traditional Moroccan Ceramic Plate; bottom, Spiral Safi Bowls – Beldi]

Beldi; loosely translated from Moroccan Arabic to mean ”country’ is one of those words that you know what it means in your own language, but is hard to explain in another without losing the specific meaning, and to those who understand it intimately Beldi is laden with meaning; a word that expresses pride in culture, authenticity and tradition. I had to reread the meaning behind it several times to grasp the essence and in a nutshell, Beldi defines the things that can be attributed to the heart and soul of Morocco. Based in New York City, Beldi was established by Chafiq Ennaoui, a Moroccan and New York-born and raised, Aimee Bianca who met in Marrakech. The business celebrates a way of life where care and love go into producing exquisitely detailed objects for the home, and specialises in hand made products that embody the spirit of ‘Beldi’. Through the website, the couple look to share the beauty of Moroccan craftwork with a wider audience in the hope of helping to preserve some of the authentic local artistry that is being replaced by mass-produced products geared towards the tourist market. Handmade products are at the core of Moroccan skill and craftsmanship, and sourcing its products from master craftsman Beldi’s focuses on seeking out everyday products, those used by ordinary Moroccans in the home; the classics of Moroccan culture that have a history that can be traced back in time.

Safi Bowl - Beldi

[Image credits: Handmade Safi Bowls – Beldi]

There are many other treasures to be found including the very popular and timeless Moroccan leather poufs, intricately woven vintage Moroccan rugs, traditional blankets and recycled hand-blown glasses. Products on the site are exquisite in detailing but simple for everyday use and 20% of profits will go towards supporting selected charities in Morocco.

…stylish and functional makes for eye-catching dinnerware or decorative accents mounted on a wall or placed on a dresser

Additional details:
Prices on the website range from: USD$5-USD$820
For further information about Beldi and to see the full range of products visit:

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