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Tunisian Ceramics [Tunisia]
Tunisian coffee cups


[Image credit: Greater Good]
Having tried my hand at pottery many years ago as part of my fine arts module and being absolutely rubbish at it – they always exploded in the kiln!!! – I have a deep admiration for artisans who can produce the most exquisite and beautifully decorated pieces. Not too long ago I came across these really pretty Tunisian coffee cups on the Greater Good Network, and loved the intricate patterns and vibrant colours.
However, if visiting Tunisia yourself you will find similar ceramics in abundance in the markets allowing you to mix and match to your hearts content, but do take the time to seek out the highly-skilled small-scale producers for a more authentic, traditional product. I think they brighten up any interior and; for decorative use you could melt wax into them and make your own candles in a teacup for yourself or as gifts. Ceramic arts in Tunisia and much of the Mediterranean region stem from centuries old tradition and can be seen in products like plates, water jugs and ceramic tiles. The ceramics industry in Tunisia is noted as the largest employment sector often catering to the tourists who visit the country. The ceramics are hand decorated with more women being employed to do this in what was once a traditionally male sector. Unfortunately the handcrafted nature of industry is under increasing threat from mass-production to meet commercial demand and therefore compromising creativity, individuality and high-quality standards. This is a fascinating art and if you do want to find out more read the following article.  

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