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Art: Bruno Sserunkuuma Ceramics

Bruno Sserunkuuma [Uganda]

Bruno Sserunkuuma - Ceramic Vessel

[Image credit: Bruno Sserunkuuma, Ceramic Vessel – Afro Art]

Rather like the illustrations from a storybook, the distinctive imagery adorning Ugandan ceramicist, Bruno Sserunkuuma’s work depicts a social and cultural commentary of Ugandan life in the form of stylised figures and shapes, enhanced with elaborate patterns.  The clay surface is Bruno canvas on which he experiments with industrial oxides in a range of colours. Drawing on the culturally rich environment he lives in, the pottery forms are based on traditional Ugandan vessels, and are made using locally available materials such as Ngombe clay. Mixing the old with new, Bruno’s technique is based on old Indian-Ugandan batik drawing styles, which he has borrowed and adapted to create a visually strong graphical style that would work well a feature pieces in the interior. 

Bruno Sserunkuuma - Ceramic Vessel

Bruno Sserunkuuma - Ceramic Vessel

[Image credit: Bruno Sserunkuuma, Ceramic Vessels – Afro Art]

Through his work Bruno seeks to challenge the viewer’s perceptions about African art and art based on the African experience and in addition to creating his ceramics, he is also a ceramics lecturer at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art of Makerere in Uganda.

…functional ceramics that uphold the tradition of telling stories through art  

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