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Wisdom of Africa [South Africa]

Wisdom of Africa Grape Therapy

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Looking to rejuvenate mind, body and soul as you prepare to face the year ahead? 
Then seek out Wisdom of Africa whose holistic products aspire to help you do just that. Detox, hydrate and nourish with products that draw inspiration from the energy, healing power and natural richness found in African botanicals. Wisdom of Africa’s branding was devised to pay homage to the universal African sign for Wisdom and serves to communicate the company’s desire to bring customers products that go ‘back to the source’ of nature and the rich African soils from which the ingredients are gathered.

Whilst immersing you into a holistic spa experience, Wisdom of Africa’s signature treatments focus on enhancing wellbeing by using pure naturally derived ingredients from the continent to help balance body, mind and soul. Two luxurious product ranges are offered – ‘Grape Therapy’, rich in Grapeseed extracts and ‘Soul of the Earth’ which includes: Kalahari Melon, Mongongo Nut, Marula, Coffee, Cinnamon, African Ginger and Neroli’ – and are brought to you in the form of body oils, salts, body butters, masks, body wraps, eye gels, lotions and hand and foot care treatments amongst others and; all wrapped up in Wisdom of Africa’s distinctive, elegant packaging.

Wisdom of Africa Spa products

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With a vision to contribute to the development of the continent by promoting South African and African products, Wisdom of Africa caters to the retail consumer as well as the discerning local and international spa owner, by offering a complete spa package comprising: gift packs, uniforms, slippers, gowns and complementary accessories, in addition to running a dedicated training programme in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wisdom of Africa Spa Therapy Range

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Rejuvenation – just what I need right now! Additional Details:
For further information visit: www.wisdomcosmetics.com
For local and international stockists visit: www.wisdomcosmetics.com/stockist
For information on the product development, ingredients and testing visit: www.wisdomcosmetics.com

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