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Design: Tavie Co-operative Tuareg Baskets

Tavie Co-operative [Niger]  

Tavie Cooperative

The beauty of this woven dish radiates from its core, which features a beautifully engraved silver disc at the centre, which is said to symbolise the sun and is characteristic of Tuareg pattens. Framed with an indigo halo, the addition of the disc adds a contemporary edge, elevating the humble woven basket to a stunning decorative object, that would work well hung on the wall or placed on a plate stand.

Tavie Cooperative Basket

[Image credits: Tavie Cooperative, Rayon De Soleil Basket – Mbare]

Part of a range of handcrafted baskets, dishes, and bowls made using the leaves of the dried Doum Palm Leaf, the Rayon De Soleil basket was handcrafted by members of the Tavie Co-operative of Northern Niger, a co-operative that supports Tuareg women. The Tuareg are one of the few remaining tribes that still lead a nomadic life, fighting to preserve a culture that is facing great change to their traditional way of life. The designs of the Tuareg are distinctive one only has to call to mind the silver crosses and discs often seen on jewellery, featuring the instantly recognisable patterns. Each product is given a mark of authenticity in the form of a silver metal tube which is incorporated into the product and bears a unique number. Entering the number on the Tavie website allows the customer to find out more about the village and origin of their purchase. 

…simply beautiful

Additional information:
Baskets priced at: USD$68 -USD$98
For further information about Tavie Co-operative visit: www.tavie.nl
To purchase visit: www.mbare.com 

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