A House Perched on Granite Rock Overlooking Gota Dam

Gota Dam Residence Zimbabwe

Gota Dam in Zimbabwe is an imposing residence perched on top of a giant granite rock that overlooks a man-made dam from which it takes its name. Gota Dam is the result of a collaboration between London-based Studio Seilern Architects and architect Muzia Sforza. The residence is situated in the Forrester estate, an agricultural farmland one hour north of Harare.

Gota Dam Residence Zimbabwe

The design takes advantage of the breathtaking views surrounding the property embracing vast open plan living that invites the outside in. A timber platform with a cantilevered roof characterise the communal living areas. Two granite blocks house the bedrooms, and an additional two glass boxes enclose the winter living areas. Gota Dam is owned by a musician and one of the requirements was to have an on-site recording studio for her to work in. Outdoors on the lower is an infinity pool that visually integrates the dam.

Gota Dam Residence Zimbabwe
Gota Dam Residence Zimbabwe
Gota Dam Residence Zimbabwe

The residence was constructed from locally sourced materials and incorporated elements of local culture such as basket weaving being referenced in the design of the garage canopy cover. In keeping with its surroundings the architects used granite from the site ensuring that the building blended harmoniously with its surroundings.

Gota Dam Zimbabwe
Gota Dam Residence Zimbabwe

An arresting piece of architecture Gota Dam won House of the Year at the 2013 RIBA International Awards.

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For further information about Gota Dam visit: www.studioseilern.com

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