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Kalamu Lagoon Camp [Zambia]
Kalamu Lagoon Camp outside

Now me and camping don’t usually see eye to eye… I like my creature comforts way too much. But I had to revisit that sentiment when I came across an editorial feature entitled ‘Sleeping under the Heavens’ courtesy of Wedding Nouveau (If you haven’t already come across Wedding Nouveau especially if you are planning a wedding I thoroughly recommend it. WN is an addictive source of cultural inspiration). The editorial features some of the most amazing places in the world to sleep under the stars and where I came across the Kalamu Lagoon Camp in Zambia. 
Granted when it comes to luxury safari camps my feelings on camping are conveniently forgotten, I mean how can you possibly resist the experience but sleeping in the open, in the wilderness is a step too far for me… one to be firmly consigned to my daydreams… that was until I remembered I’ve actually done it and not by choice mind you. My life does tend to swing between extremes and I found myself on a college weekend trip to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and much later in the day was faced with the ‘horror’ of sleeping round the camp fire with no tents or in the mini-bus – an option which turned out to be way too cold, forcing me outside. To this day it is beyond me why I never bothered to check what the sleeping arrangements were before I went, however I can say I survived – it wasn’t a bad experience at all but one I thought I wouldn’t consciously choose to do again, until now… and preferably tucked securely in the arms of my beloved!
Kalamu Lagoon Camp accommodation

Image credits: Wilderness Safaris]
Looking at the images of Kalamu Lagoon Camp, situated in one of Southern Africa’s prime wildlife areas, it all looks to so romantic and peaceful. The camp can be found situated on a permanent lagoon just off the Luangwa River in the southern section of the spectacular South Luangwa National Park. South Luangwa National Park is located in the remote Luamfwa area and is a conservation area rich in wildlife, flora and fauna, an area renowned for its guided walking tours.
Kalamu Lagoon Camp dining

[Image credits: Wilderness Safaris]
Providing the utmost in exclusivity the accommodation consists of eight beautifully appointed luxury reed and canvas tents, each en-suite with both an indoor and outdoor shower. Giant ebony trees provide a canopy for the camp’s dining and bar area and guests will find a pool and viewing deck area located to the side of the camp offering amazing views of the lagoon… perfect for sundowners and maybe catching sight of the elusive legendary leopard.
Kalamu Lagoon Camp at night

[Image credit: Wilderness Safaris]
…just remember not to book in the rainy season.

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