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Africa By Design Inaugural Exhibition Launches In Ghana

AFRICA BY DESIGN Bob_Grandy_Ghana_Kente Textile Master Weaver


Exhibitions focusing on design from Africa continue to abound, with more countries outside the continent holding dedicated showcases. Whilst this is great to see, it is also important that the African continent also hold its own showcases to highlight the growing value of design to local audiences. One such initiative is Africa by Design in Ghana, which launched its inaugural self-titled exhibition presenting the work of 22 emerging and established African designers representing 6 countries from sub-Saharan Africa – Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal.


[Main Image credit: Master Kente and Ewe Weaver, Bob Gandy – Africa by Design]


“Design is a vehicle for discussion, social development, mobilisation, and business.”
– Suzanne Trocmé, Africa by Design curatorial consultant


Inoussa Dao Furniture Designer Burkina Faso Africa by Design


[Main Image credit: Product Designer, Inoussa Dao – Africa by Design]


Among those featured were furniture designers Jomo Tariku, Nulangee; and textile designers Yemi Awosile, and Chrissa Amuah, who is also the force behind Africa by Design.




[Main Image credit: Furniture Designer, Jomo Tariku – Africa by Design]


A Chelsea College of Art and Design MA graduate Chrissa refers to Africa by Design as her passion project. Developed over the course of two years with support from curatorial consultant, Suzanne Trocmé.

Held in Accra at the Nubuke Foundation, one of the city’s leading cultural centres, Africa by Design is on a mission to help create an industry around design believing that Africa has a place in design on the world stage and can help to make a difference.




[Main Image credit: Furniture and Lifestyle, Ile-Ila – Africa by Design]


Let us all do what we can to support Africa’s growing design industries and designers to help create sustainable industries across the continent.


– Tapiwa Matsinde


Additional details:

For further information about Africa by Design visit: www.africabydesign.org/


[Image credits: The images shown are sourced from Africa by Design. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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