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Pamper Your Skin With 54 Thrones Botanical Skincare Made In Africa

54 Thrones African Made Skincare Egyptian Black-Seed Oil Atelier Fifty Five Feature

More and more people are shunning chemically formulated on the shelf beauty products in favour of natural, holistic handcrafted formulations, and the beauty industry has witnessed a rise in brands around the world catering to this need by tapping into their own homegrown beauty rituals and bringing them to global attention. And Africa is no exception. Natural skin care ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea that have been used by African women for centuries are being recognised for their benefits, but we are only just scratching the surface. Fruit of the African soil, ingredients such as baobab, marula, and rooibos are all being used to create luxury natural skin care brands that are proudly made in Africa. And among the names to know is 54 Thrones, a luxury handcrafted beauty brand on a mission to show the Africa we know, by celebrating the continent’s rich diversity in natural resources through skin care.


54 Thrones African Made Skincare Ghanaian Baobab Oil Atelier Fifty Five Feature


54 Thrones products carry within them journey’s travelled, cultures explored and the experiences shared along the way. The company was founded by Christina Funke Tegbe. Raised in the US Christina recalls family in Nigeria sending over parcels of Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Black Soap, and appreciating their value, as she got older Christina wanted to share these beauty secrets with others.


54 Thrones African Made Skincare Moroccan Rosewater Mist Atelier Fifty Five Feature


“Our mission is to change the “pity Africa” narrative by encouraging trade with African countries, creating value on the continent and globally distributing our made in Africa luxury beauty products.” – Christina Funke Tegbe


54 Thrones African Made Skincare Moroccan Lava Mask Atelier Fifty Five Feature


Committed to transparency Christina visits each country her products are produced in, personally meeting the farmers and local producers the company partners with, and getting a first-hand insight into every phase of the production process. Taking its name from the countries making up the African continent, 54 Thrones hopes that by sourcing ingredients directly from the different countries it can help foster intercontinental trade. This ethos is part of a wider objective to support three of the United Nations’ global goals including poverty eradication, gender equality, decent work, and economic growth.


54 Thrones African Made Skincare Ghanaian Shea Butter Atelier Fifty Five Feature

Products in the 54 Thrones range include Rhassoul Clay Lava Mask, handcrafted in Morocco; Ghanaian Baobab Oil, and Shea Butter; Egyptian Black Seed Oil from the banks of the Nile and said to be a favourite beauty ingredient of Cleopatra and Nefertiti; and a highly sought after Moroccan Rosewater Mist.

Purify, detox, cleanse, moisturise, heal, rejuvenate, and restore with 54 Thrones.


– Tapiwa Matsinde


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For further information about 54 Thrones visit: https://54thrones.com


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