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Landing on Banke Kuku’s gorgeous website is like entering a tropical paradise. The vibrant colours, the patterns, the textures are just mesmerising. Honing in on her Masquerade Collection of tasselled clutch bags Banke has taken her brand’s signature silk prints and woven together strips of the fabrics to form the bags, which are then finished off with a playful complementary string of tassels.

Fun, fashionable, and elegant the Masquerade Collection is a festival of colours and unique style that captures the spirit of the Banke Kuku brand. Banke’s design aesthetic is inspired by her multi-cultural upbringing in Nigeria and in the UK. Not one to shy away from bold colours and clashing patterns through her prints she seeks to tell the stories of a modern upwardly mobile Africa.

Luxurious Tasselled Silk Masquerade Clutch Collection by Textile Designer Banke Kuku Red
Luxurious Tasselled Silk Masquerade Clutch Collection by Textile Designer Banke Kuku Green

The textile designer who lives in Lagos, Nigeria started her eponymous brand after studying textile design in London. She has created textiles for fashion houses and has collaborated with leading Nigerian fashion designers including Lisa Folawiyo. Banke also brought her statement textile designs to a line of bespoke furniture pieces and interior furnishings, in what she has called ‘fashion for interiors’.

– Tapiwa

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