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Jewellery: The Shining Light Awards Collection of Diamond Creations

The Shining Light Awards collection [South Africa]:

Shining Light Awards - Botswana Overall Winner

Overall winner – David Atho Moatisi   

It is a sad fact that a large part of Africa’s mineral wealth gets mined using local labour and is then usually shipped out to the benefit of a company that is often internationally based. Diamonds coveted all over the world for their brilliance and perceived value are one such mineral, part of an industry that has been tainted by oppression, violence and corruption, serious issues often overshadowing the achievements being made in nurturing local talent. First launched in 1996 by the Diamond Trading Company – part of the De Beers Group, The Southern Africa Shining Light Awards were intended as a platform to showcase to the world the wealth of design talent available in Southern Africa with regards to jewellery design. Partnering with local design schools and industry experts, the awards originally ran in South Africa for eleven years until 2008/2009 when they were expanded to include entrants from the Diamond Trading Company’s partner countries Botswana and Namibia. The Shining Light Awards committee also awards financial grants to chosen students to help them continue with their studies.

The latest 2010/2012 Shining Light Awards Diamond Design Collection consists of 30 spectacular pieces; 10 designs from each of the three countries set with a staggering total of over 25 thousand diamonds. Included are: the ever-popular brilliant white diamonds as well as natural black, natural brown, canary yellow and cape coloured diamonds. So sit back and celebrate a selection of winners, the next generation of emerging talent from some of Africa’s leading diamond producing countries.

Shining Light Awards - Botswana Winners

Winners – Kefilwe Mmolotsi and Thusonyana Caiphas Othomile  
[Image credits: Diamond Trading Company Shining Light Awards]

Shining Light Awards - Namibia Overall Winner

Overall winner – Richard Lee Shoombe   

Shining Light Awards - Namibia Winners

Winners – Joachim Wilhelm H and Engelhard Kock
[Image credits:
Diamond Trading Company Shining Light Awards] SOUTH AFRICA:  

Shining Light Awards - South Africa Overall Winner

Overall winner – Hunadi Tlomatsana      

Shining Light Awards - South Africa Winners

Winners – Metaxia Sterianos and Stephani Botha 

[Image credits: Diamond Trading Company Shining Light Awards]

…amazing, do check out the rest of the winners and their designs online.

Additional Details:
To find out more about the awards and to view the entire collection visit: www.shininglightsawards.com
For the full list of winners visit: www.shininglightsawards.com/WINNERS

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