ROADS Evocative Fragrances Inspired by African Dance, Art, and Literature

Roads is a luxury fragrance brand that is inspired by people, places, and the world’s diverse cultures. In 2015 Roads debuted a collection inspired by Africa, designed to bring forth feelings of “sensual sophistication, radiance and warmth”. The collection has four fragrances each crafted from African ingredients and blended with the influences of literature, art and dance.

I Am Dance takes its inspiration from Panstula, the energetic quick-stepping dance that emerged in the townships of South Africa as a form of protest against the the injustices of apartheid. Big Sky is a nod to Africa’s skylines referencing the changes to the landscape.

Nigeria’s literature is the inspiration for Past|Presence which seeks to pay homage to the dignity and clarity of Nigerian writers and poets. Afropolis is a celebration of Africa’s vibrant multi-cultural cities, and the meeting of diverse cultures.

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